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VocalSynth 2 Crack is part of the iZotope software collection with communication functions between plug-ins. By placing VocalSynth 2 on a track in your session, the plug-in can automatically interact with instances of Neutron 3, Visual Mixer, Ozone 8, Tonal Balance Control, Insight 2, Relay and Nectar 3 for many mixing and mastering processes.

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Boost your voice production with the most unique voice plug-in experience from iZotope. Quickly get the old school sounds you need or create a new school of vocal sounds. Lose yourself in layers, textures, effects, mix and transform in an experimental vocal playing field and finally find this secret that highlights your voice. Pick and match five unique language tools or choose from hundreds of presets for quick impact.

Automatic mode
Lock your voices with real-time pitch correction, create additional voices and harmonies, and mix your module parameters seamlessly with VocalSynth 2 Crack intuitive mixer.

MIDI mode
Use MIDI data to control your pitch and effortlessly create custom vocal harmonies as you play. Recreate the experience of a classic vocoder or a talkbox!

Sidechain mode
Channel your own audio in VocalSynth 2 Crack to use as a carrier signal. This way you can have audio “conversations” or create strange new sounds that would otherwise be impossible.

Biovox user interface in VocalSynth
Synthesis inspired by the human voice. Adjust the vocal characteristics such as nasality, vowel shapes and formants on each audio source.

VocalSynth Crack vocoder interface
Tool for the production of essential formants. This important language tool offers you the delicious speech sounds that you know and love.

Compuvox interface
Modern robot bit-crushing effects. Glitchy, computer controlled sounds, perfect for space age hooks or overwhelmed digital voices.

Envelope modulation in vintage style. Get this thick, distinctive sound from a talkbox with no learning curve or hardware setup.

Polyvox user interface in VocalSynth
Immediate fullness and character control. Create beautiful, rich harmonies or give your voice body with realistic double images.

vocalsynth crack


Four exclusive predefined artist packages and an additional spirits package on iZotope
Deezle: opposite energetic presets to transform voices, synthesizers and drums into brand new creations by hip-hop producer Deezle.
Jonny Hawkins from Nothing More: powerful and aggressive textures and vocal effects from the alternative rock group Nothing More, singer and singer Jonny Hawkins.
Computer Magic: ethereal textures and language manipulation presets from the producer and singer of Computer Magic Synthpop.
KillaGraham: A versatile language toolbox with smooth and exaggerated language processing and effects from electronics manufacturer KillaGraham.
Exclusive iZotope extension: 15 new presets for the subtle stereo magnification of the Utility type for wilder creative effects with powerful harmonies and computer-assisted voices.

Vocalsynth 2 System Requirements

Win 7–Win 10
Plugin Formats
AAX (64–bit), AU, RTAS (32–bit), VST, VST3
Supported Hosts
Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9–10, Pro Tools 10-2018, Cubase 9.5, FL Studio 12, Studio One 3-4, Reason 10, Reaper 5, Bitwig Studio 2

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