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Korg Legacy Collection Crack could be a collection of software synthesizers that fully reproduce the perfect artwork of the reliable synthesizer that is still in demand today. He was born under the supervision of engineers and original guides. We offer you the credible analog experience that none other than KORG can offer.

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The KORG Collection series, which reproduces some of KORG’s best keyboard synthesizers as software, is being renewed under the name KORG Collection 2 Crack. The six legacy plug-ins: MS-20, Polysix, Mono / Poly, M1, WAVE STATION and MDE-X each have a completely revised version. Scalable and high-resolution user interface. In addition, there are new effect algorithms and preset programs for MS-20, Polysix, Mono / Poly, and MDE-X. The KORG 2 collection presents these classic synthesizers to define new standards for sound and performance.

Clear and lively – classic synthesizers refined

The history of the KORG Collection started in 2004 with the KORG Legacy Collection Crack. At the time, it was a groundbreaking attempt to authentically reproduce the MS-20 and Polysix, Korg keyboard masterpieces that were loved and used around the world. Every further expansion of the collection was quickly used and admired by sound and music creators everywhere, as they had extensive functions and consistently high sound and performance quality.

KORG Collection 2 offers a comprehensive revision of the user interface. Ease of use has been significantly improved with high-resolution graphics for a modern display environment and six scalability levels. Now it’s easier and more rewarding than ever to explore these classic sounds.

The masterpiece that won’t fade is here

The KORG Collection Crack is a software synthesizer collection that fully reproduces the legendary synthesizer masterpieces that are still loved today. It was brought to life under the supervision of original developers and consultants. We offer you the authentic analog experience that only KORG can offer.

With analog machines, Component Modeling Technology (CMT) from Korg Legacy Collection Crack realizes the uniquely organic and unpredictable feeling of analog. For digital machines, Korg engineers have carefully studied the original documents and source code of the synthesizer to bring several thousand PCM and sound programs to life. All the details that created the iconic sound of the originals have been faithfully reproduced.

Invigorating analog, expansive digital

The masterpieces of the analog synthesizer MS-20, Polysix, and Mono / Poly have thick and sharp sounds. The M1 and TRITON are versatile workstation synthesizers that have changed the musical environment of their time. The only WAVE STATION and ARP’s famous ARP ODYSSEY were groundbreaking instruments that inspired artists for years to come. The KORG collection is a record of the history of KORG. It is the largest showcase of the legendary sounds that have been used in countless songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

Not just a reproduction; There are many new features

While the Korg legacy collection vst crack synthesizers completely reproduce the original hardware, they also require various improvements for the creation of modern music. For example increased polyphony, virtual patch functions, and high-quality effects. The easy-to-use graphical user interface makes it easy to access all of these great features. The KORG Collection is free from hardware restrictions and uses the software element to thoroughly track the sound and usability.

Korg Legacy Collection vst Crack


The analog monophonic synthesizer with a patch potential appeared on the market in 1978: the MS-20. The entire MS-20 is reproduced with its two oscillators (which can be ring-modulated), self-oscillating high pass / low pass filters with unique distortion, and a patch section with an external signal processor which can receive external signals.

For the software, a polyphony of 32 voices and up to 16 voices in unison (with detuning/propagation function) has been added. Flexible external modulation parameters and MIDI clock synchronization have also been introduced to allow the generation of sounds with a high degree of flexibility and freedom.

KORG Polysix Crack

The 6-voice programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer was released in 1981: Polysix. Everything from Polysix has been fully reproduced: the 1VCO (with sub-oscillator) / 1VCF / 1VCA / 1EG configuration, which allows a selection of SAW / PW / PWM waveforms, chorus/phase/ensemble effects, and performs functions such as chord memory, arpeggiator, and in unison.

The software allows versatile sound generation with enhancements such as 32-voice polyphony (max.), Up to 16 voices in unison (with detune/spread function), flexible external modulation settings, synchronization MIDI clock for the modulation generator, and the arpeggiator. a spreading function that adjusts the magnitude of the effects.

KORG Mono / Poly VST Crack

The monophonic/polyphonic synthesizer with four VCOs, arrived on the market in 1981 and was considered to be the culmination of Korg’s experience in the construction of analog synthesizers: Mono / Poly.

All the multicolored functions of Mono / Poly have been fully reproduced: the programming structure includes four VCOs with adjustable height, waveform, octave, and level as well as a VCF, a VCA, two EGs, and two MGs. advanced chord storage and arpeggiator functions; and synchronization and cross-modulation functions that can create revolutionary sound effects.

The software adds many improvements, such as B. Polyphony at 128 voices (max.) With up to 16 voices in unison, two integrated multi-effects, and an 8-channel virtual correction matrix. With the virtual patch function, you can use 159 different modulation sources to modulate 35 different targets. This development of mono/poly allows a complex and diversified sound generation.


The first workstation synthesizer released in 1988 defined the sound of the late 80s and early 90s: M1. In addition to its innovative “workstation” concept, the M1’s Advanced Integrated (AI) synthesis system used PCM waveforms and digital effects to provide full program and combination tones.

As a pioneer in the generation of PCM sounds, he was not only remarkable for the reality of his sound. But also for the unmistakable resonance and sound character that demonstrated the high level of Korg voice technology. Many sounds that are only available from M1, in particular, the famous “piano M1” sound, have been recorded by musicians and producers around the world and are still used today.

The software offers filter resonance, VDA modulation, and master effects, which have been used with a total of 18 systems. It contains all PCM, program, and combine data of the original internal PCM extension M1 and M1EX as well as PCM data and program/combination data of all nineteen optional ROM cards. In addition to the 19 types of PCM-ROM cards for the M1. The sound of the M1EX, came out as an extension of the built-in PCM of the M1. T-series sounds, which developed the M1. It is equipped with many sounds, including 33,000 preset sounds and 34 cards.


The WAVE STATION synthesizer was released in 1990 with its new “Advanced Vector Synthesis System”, which created a new sound by combining and moving between several complex waveforms.

The user can use a joystick to “mix” or “transform” between four oscillators, or create a wave sequence by placing the waveforms in a particular order to create rhythmic or melodic sequence patterns. In addition to these revolutionary and other unique functions, the sound zone fitted the entire WAVE STATION PCM. The parameters of the sensitive parts were fully reproduced in the software by analyzing the printed circuit board of the original design.

Korg Legacy Collection System Requirements

  • 32-bit and 64-bit (VST / VST3)
  • Windows 7,8 and 10
  • Instructions: Easy install – attached.

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