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Spire VST Crack

Reveal Sound Spire VST Crack is a polyphonic software synthesizer that combines the best software and hardware synthesizers. The combination of a powerful modulation of the sound engine, a pleasant graphical user interface and a flexible architecture offers unprecedented ease of use of this powerful synthesizer.

By listening to the audio demos and scrolling through the presets, you can classify Spire as a trance/dance machine with its large unison oscillators and large, bold and explosive sounds. Perhaps it was created specifically for this purpose. It is a power plant characterized by bright, bold and decidedly digital textures that really cut through a mix.

With testimonials from famous EDM artists such as Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and Dada Life, Reveal Sound’s Spire has quickly become one of the essential soft synths of dance music. If you look at the synthetic architecture, it’s easy to see why Spire VST Crack.

Incredibly flexible oscillators that supply a pair of multimode filters with countless options, the audio signal path offers a wide range of textures. On the modulation side, there are 4 envelopes, 4 LFOs and 2 step sequencers that can be assigned to almost any parameter. Each of the four Spire oscillators operates in one of five modes: Classic, FM, Noise, AMSync and SawPWM. Each mode then offers a large selection of wavetables that can be mixed in their main sound.

Reveal Sound Spire VST Crack

Spire Free Download has excellent sounding filters (2 multimode filters with analogue and digital filter types Scorpion, Perfecto, Acido, Infect, Combo) and Engine (9 voices simultaneously on each oscillator) combined by chords and octaves, which can imitate different types of unison, like Supersaw, Hypersaw), FX processor (phaser/vowel, shaper/decimator, chorus/flanger, reverb, delay), user-friendly arpeggiator, flexible modulation architecture (4 envelopes, 4 macros, 4 LFOs with morphing shapes, 15 matrix slots with 2 sources and 4 targets each).

The Spire VST Crack comes with over 700 factories presets, including complex bass and arpeggio sequences, a diverse selection of leads, nips, uplifting pads, drums and effects. The presets are top-notch, they’re hit ready, not like other synthesizers that can be packed with presets, but only 20% of them are usable. Here you will find sounds that fit the track perfectly and this synth is used by many producers. The sound is just great. Very deep, very clear, very analogue and digital if you wish. At audio love. The club you can find and download many Spire presets and sound banks for various types of electronic music.

FX processor

  • Perfect is a unique algorithm that combines the best properties of analogue and digital filters.
  • Kind. Ideal for a variety of sounds. Modes: LP4, BP4, HP4, Peak. Acid type is not 100%
  • Playable, but not only suitable for simulating TB-303 sounds.
  • Modes: LP1, LP2, LP3, LP4: Infect type does not repeat 100%.
  • But it simulates the filter sound of a Virus TI synthesizer. Modes: LP2, BP2, HP2.
  • Notch Scorpio is another unique algorithm that combines the best features of analogue and digital filters.
  • Ideal for a variety of sounds. Modes: RedLP2, RedLP4, BlackLP2, BlackLP4, BlackHP, BlackBP
  • The combination filter consists of a series of regularly spaced tips that look like a comb.
  • Modes: Mono +, Mono -, Stereo +, Stereo Shape Filter + Distortion / Overdrive.
  • Available modes: Saturator, Foldback.
  • Cut 1, Cut 2 – filter cutoff frequency.
  • Values ​​between 0 and 500 serve as low pass filters, values ​​between 501 and 1000 serve as high pass filters.
  • Res 1, Res 2: the intensity of the distortion (similar to Drive)
  • Key Track: If this option is on, the filter cutoff frequency follows the MIDI note.
  • Positive and negative values.
  • Filter Balance: Controls the filter balance.
  • If the button is at zero, you will hear the first filter, if you can hear both with the button in the middle.
  • If the button is in the correct position, you will only hear the second filter.
  • When activated, set the second filter stop to the middle position and the first filter stop follows.
  • PAR – Switches between serial and parallel filtering mode.
  • When the button is active, the filter is in parallel mode: if the button is inactive, the filter is in series mode.

Key Features

4x polymorphic multimode oscillators
Classic, Noise, FM, AMSync, SawPWM, HardFM, Vowel

9x voices simultaneously on each oscillator Spire VST Crack
Spread voices in harmony with chords and octaves
Can mimic different types of unisons like Supersaw and Hypersaw

reveal sound VST free download

2x multimode filter with analogue and digital filtering
Perfecto, Infecto, Acido, Scorpio, Combo, Shaper

Shaper / decimator, phaser / vowel, chorus / flanger, delay, reverb

4x macros, 4x envelopes, 4x LFO with morph shapes,
15x matrix locations, each equipped with 2x sources and 4x destinations

Surprisingly user-friendly and fun in Reveal Sound Spire VST Crack

with X-Comp (multiband compressor) and 3-band equalizer

Reveal Sound Spire (Win) has over 900 factory presets, including complex arpeggios and bass sequences.
A versatile selection of leads, uplifting pads, springs, drums and effects

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